Dr. Phinehas Kinuthia
Repurpose Life Coach

Dr. Phinehas Kinuthia is an acclaimed international speaker, an educator, mentor, change strategist, leader, entrepreneur and author of the popular five stars rated book “From Dreaming to Becoming” 10 Essential Steps for Living the Life of Your Dreams” and his most recent book Becoming The Best You- 9 Secrets for Stepping into Greatness.

Dr. Phinehas is a dream actualization expert who recently received a global award, the 2020 World Civility Dream Actualization Icon Award, and was humbled to be in the class of honorees alongside Former President of Malawi H.E. Joyce Banda. He is very passionate about ordinary people discovering their purpose, maximizing their potential, and actualizing their dream. His passion to advance humanity did lead him to receive the prestigious presidential award, The President Girma Wolde-Giogis of Ethiopia Award, as a Human Conservation Solutionist. Dr. Phinehas has been a lifetime student learning through many personal experiences and has used his experience and personal journey to address the critical issues that affect individuals and organizational development.

Dr. Phinehas’s books have been featured in several publications including the Wall Street Journal among other notable media platforms interviews such as radio stations and podcasts. He has been highlighted for his heart and compassion towards others and his active efforts in the empowerment of others with trust, dignity, and improved quality of life. He is a humanitarian leader who personifies his books and message and is committed to helping people from all walks of life to realize their dreams. He believes that there is treasure hidden in ordinary people only valuable when discovered.

As a repurpose coach and educator, he has worked with institutions and organizations to help them equip and empower others, so they can develop a new paradigm for success in life and business. His philosophy is that we can all be more, go farther, and reach higher than we ever thought possible in the actualization of our dreams. His notable book “Dreaming To Becoming” has been published in multiple publications and used to train in colleges and other young entrepreneurs platform and as a result, this leads him to be awarded the UGCSI Honorary Degree for Doctor of Letters due to his outstanding work as a “searcher” who is trailblazing a new skill-based education and making an indelible impact in humanity in a non- conventional way.

Dr. Phinehas Kinuthia also runs a successful non-profit organization that has worked with thousands of people in over twenty-five countries, developing and training leaders, and engaging both local and international community doing social and humanitarian work. He sits on the board of several non-profit boards as an adviser and works with grassroots organizations that he helps to mobilize the community and deal with social issues such as poverty, equality, injustice, race and so much more. Also, he is a Goodwill Ambassador of the Golden Rule International established in 120 nations of the world. Dr. Phinehas has been celebrated with the prominent ICN Life of Honor Award and ICN Global Leadership Award for exemplary leadership an award that has been presented in the past to other notable and outstanding world leaders.

As an entrepreneur, he is the CEO of Dreaming to Becoming, LLC. a successful training and development company that equips and empowers individuals and organizations on how to optimize their success in business and life and trains mission-driven solopreneurs to build profitable and sustainable businesses.

"The Purpose of Life is to Contribute in Some Way to Make Things Better." - Robert F. Kennedy

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