Repurpose Your Pain

Repurpose Your Pain



· Be empowered to discover your core and step into your unique purpose in life.

· Develop a winning attitude for outstanding success in life and business.

· Explore how to unleash and maximize your incredible potential.

· Gain new helpful insight on how to connect effectively and build lifetime authentic relationships.

· Breakaway from mediocrity and your comfort zone and start living an outstanding life of influence today.

· Identify how to effect small practical changes that lead to quick massive results.

· Be inspired to develop a new way of thinking, being and doing things in order to enjoy life more.

Heal From Your Past, Reclaim Your Power, Transform Your Life


"…Many will find this book to be loaded with possibility and value. A useful resource for readers looking to turn their pain into purpose." - Kirkus Reviews

Educational, inspiring, and motivating, all readers who have experienced a traumatic event in their past or who seek guidance on repurposing struggles would benefit from what Dr. Kinuthia has to say." - Theresa Kadair Manhattan Book Review (5 Stars)

"This enlightening book takes us on a journey to self-discovery and self-awareness, learning to make the most of our potential—an insightful and innovative look into dealing with trauma and negative life experiences. This book had such an authentic feel while still being academically accurate and backed by research."

Miche Arendse- Readers' Favorite Review (5 Stars)

"The Purpose of Life is to Contribute in Some Way to Make Things Better." - Robert F. Kennedy

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